Some photos that I like from All Star Bash




























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13 Responses to Some photos that I like from All Star Bash

  1. HENRY! says:

    I think NEW JERSEY wrote on your car BRO. car was cool to see in person, for sures.

  2. om1kron says:

    sigh, I want new rear brakes.

  3. bhworld says:

    ah man, new jersey ruiz!

    ahhh, Omikrom!

  4. Logan says:

    Your wish is my command sire

    RIP MJ

    And hey Om1kron I also have GTR brakes

  5. cbleslie says:

    How much for the Pass MJ sticker? That shit is hilarious. Mail me.

  6. BH World says:

    No idear.

    You would have to talk to the king himself, LOGAN.

  7. leesjewelry says:


    Good Car Style all around the US.

    BH , Logan


  8. bhworld says:

    we have preached.
    lord have mercy

  9. brent says:

    with frp hoods, you have to prop it in the middle where the latch would go in. only way not to mess them up after hard diving.

  10. Zach says:

    Yo BH! Thanks for posting up the picture I took of your car man, ( one with squidd in the background )

    Good shit that weekend,

    Zach/Blue hat with the long flower on it.

  11. bhworld says:

    Zach, you were the funniest part of ASB.
    You looked like a movie character with that hat on. crazy.

  12. Ruiz XIII says:

    Total Bro–completely my doing. How Silly!
    (I guess this comment is better late than never)

    Thanks fellas. Same time next year I hope.

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