Some photos that I like from All Star Bash PART 2


This is at the end of Sunday and the end of the event in general. Everybody lined up all sick and took this cool group shot. Tyler, Leigh, Aaron, Chob, Me, Alex.  CA, CHI, CA, CHI, CA, CHI. I tried to stand on my roof also, but I wussed out because it would bend a little when I put pressure on it. So, I stood on the door because I thought it was safe. After we all jumped down, I noticed I cracked some of the paint and it flaked off. sick. haha.



Here I go through the sweeper. This was top of 2nd gear only. I tried to upshit to 3rd at the end, but it was NOT going to work out. The car would just bog, so this was the best I could do. It made smoke!!




Yes look at that, smoke AND low rear! niiiice. I think there was a bump right around there in the track. Come to think of it, there were a LOT of bumps in the track.




I finally met up with Mike Garrett after SO long. He shot this little doodad with me in the front and all of Chicago right behind. You can barely see the blue MORRISSEY on my rear window.




And here we have another TIME ATTACK photo. haha. I think this might have been right before the big right hand banked turn. I would have loved to drift that thing, but it was so big and fast. I would just cruise through there in 4th gear. I didn’t even bother clutch kicking into it or anything. I would fly down the following straight in 4th and 5th.



That’s all for now!


I hope some more photos surface soon.

I REALLY hope some video of me surfaces too!!!



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5 Responses to Some photos that I like from All Star Bash PART 2

  1. sileightymania says:

    cool pics man!!!

    drifting is all about getting pictures taken of yourself!

  2. realmz1 says:

    Nice photos! Cool to see you and your project in action!

  3. Rogan says:

    I’m pretty upset that I wasnt there for the stand on car picture

    That shit would have made my life complete

    But yeah, I would’ve crumpled the roof with my fat ass

  4. revgasm_josh says:

    2010.. i will also stand on my roof, even if its totally by myself

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