My ASB photo post

Risky Devil arrives at the Torrance meet up spot



Leigh gets crazy with his wheel!



The event is now over. Dousan is pumped up.



Drivin home with Mikey and Tyler.






That’s all I shot for the whole ASB weekend. lol

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5 Responses to My ASB photo post

  1. christian says:

    hey! i got a couple of pics and a lot of video(sort of) from sunday morning and noonish if you want, so you can post it in site if you like.

  2. bhworld says:

    Oh cool,
    please post what you have.



  3. NickM says:

    sick RSX and G35 🙂

  4. christian says:

    cool, here are some pics. ill post some vids tomorrow.







  5. christian says:

    maybe just a quick video…
    heres the link.

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