All Star Bash report

Coming up to the ASB weekend, I was very unsure of the car and how it would / if it would survive. I was fearful of the engine. I was worried about the tires. I was worried about the track. Shit, that’s a lot to worry about. However, once I got on the track and did my first drifts, I was hooked.

Let’s break it down.

The car.

The car worked very well. I drifted it in the same exact set up as I had on the street. Didn’t change any damper settings or anything. I unloaded it and went. End of story. I was very afraid of the engine’s condition. The last time I drifted it (February I think) I thought I really messed it up. The car wouldn’t idle and lost a lot of it’s power. I couldn’t even make it around Balcony. So, after hanging the plugs and putting in the new radiator, it ran pretty nice. It never had idle or power problems on the track. The water got hot so0metimes, but hey, it was as if we were drifting in HELL.

The tires.

This was my first time EVER drifting on 18s. I didn’t know if I could spin them or not. So, I had planned to pump up the pressure to 60 ot 70psi or something, but the funny thing is, I totally forgot about it and left them at 40psi. I could spin them fine, but couldn’t keep them going for a long time. 2nd to 3rd upshift drifts were NOT possible… I tried. I would have liked to have more speed and stuff out of the main turn into the straight at STREETS, but I managed somewhat ok.

The track.

The track looked crazy. I saw some videos of it before and I had no idea what or where you could even drift. During the parade lap, I started feeling better about it and scoping out slide territory. Once I got out there and tried drifting, I found areas to link, areas to attempt, and areas to avoid. Most of the stuff I was doing was high 2nd gear clutch kicks and just power through as much as possible. I also found some e brake stuff to do. There is a long downhill section sot of like HTM downhill which I didn’t try for a long time. Finally on Sunday, I started jamming down the hill in 3rd and e brake sliding as far as I could. This was super fun and it finally killed my tires after 2 days. There was another crazy section after the banked turn and straight which seemed scary. It is a series of real quick switchbacks with rumble strips. I started trying to do this in 3rd gear at 75mph and it was scary. I managed to get it down though and only went off track once.

Here is a map of the track and some red MS PAINT for the areas I drifted.


I also did choku dori down the straightaway once. 2 attempts, 1 win.

I’d love to drift this place again and would LOVE to do it with power.

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2 Responses to All Star Bash report

  1. Dousan says:

    I watched some of your runs
    good and bad
    power is good. Do it.
    Your drifted well for sure man
    I look forward to driving with you when I get my new car

  2. om1kron says:

    time for a dd, and time to throw some power into the hatch, and keep it.

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