What a badass weekend





thanks to all that came

thanks to all that drove

thanks to all that enjoyed.


ASB saved me.

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7 Responses to ALL STAR BASH JULY 2009

  1. srsbzns says:

    I heard that your re-invigorated in the whole car world.

    Its good to hear.

  2. sosideways says:

    Glad it rejuvenated your interest in cars and drifting in general BH.

    I’m hoping my car will do the same when I’m finally done messing with it and it’s back on the road for the first time.

  3. Roy says:

    im glad to hear it Brian!

  4. Toxic images says:

    Yes brain…..ASB was amazing….good to see you out there again having so much fun….enjoyed our little talk………..and thanks again for the DVD……till me meet again

  5. rogansan says:

    Hip hop saved my life

  6. om1kron says:

    I like this BH. Sorry I was too weathered to detail your car lol.

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