ready steady go

Today was spent running around like a wild stallion.


The good news is, everything is ready to go


The water temps started being weird this morning (again), so I took it to JERROD and he fixed it up real nice. Hopefully it works well tomorrow and sunday.


The car is STUFFED with so much junk.

2 wheels/tires

2 tires


box of stuff





sleeping bag

rear valences



I am meeting up with Risky Devil tomorrow morning at 5:45 at Starbucks on Artesia in Torrance. It’s RIGHT off the 405.


Should be cool!

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8 Responses to ready steady go

  1. They are some cool cats!

  2. dousan says:

    shit is awesome.

  3. JerrodJG says:

    Wow your Gonna make me Famous 😀 HOpe your ride ran good

  4. bhworld says:

    Thanks Dousan. I appreciate it. The last couple months have been really depressing for me in pretty much everything, so this weekend was MUCH needed and I have much better feelings now.

    Yes Jerrod, it worked GREAT!!! #1

  5. sosideways says:

    Glad to hear that BH.

    BTW, Dousan, your facebook keep popping up on my “suggested” friends list, I almost requested you a few times but thought it’d be weird if I actually requested you as a friend on there hahaha

  6. dousan says:

    i never deny because everyone is rad.
    do it. do it!
    i should actually check my facebook..

    so brian, you going for SR now right? hahaha
    thats all your baby needs. shit is ridiculousssss

  7. s0apgun says:

    brian harte TD06 SR20DET

    a million horsepower

  8. sosideways says:

    ^ that would pretty much be the raddest car if that actually happened.

    All this talk is making me want to finish up my car and getting it back on the road and all that even more now.

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