ASB – check

I am almost ready for ASB!!


I got my extra pair of wheels mounted up with tires and I have an extra pair of tires that I will also bring, so 6 total tires in all. Cool!

Got a pile of stuff to bring to the track with me ready to load into the car.


Drove the car home today to make sure it works fine. I THINK it runs a little smoother now with the new plugs. I used to have this hesitation when I took off from a stop or when I shifted to 2nd. Now, I didn’t notice any of that on the way home.


The water temps seem to be working well. It hangs around the low to mid 70s now. My old car always hung around 80.

I’ll have to wait and see what the track dows to it though.




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One Response to ASB – check

  1. Rogan says:

    I’m all packed ready to go

    Heading up tonightttt

    I wish you luck on your journey up there

    I also wish myself luck, watch out fo da popo

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