To do a radiator swap and spark plug change by myself right now.

Not going so well.

If you want to come by and help, let me know….

UPDATE : I think I successfully changed the plugs. Needed to go to the store to get a converter socket for 3/8 and 1/2 drive. The old ones looked really dirty. Maybe these new ones will be good for the engine.


UPDATE 2: Everything is done. I’m pretty sure I did the plus right. I put in the yashio meter well. I put in the radiator well.  BUT, I think MAYBE I didn’t bleed it well enough. The car has a smooth temp readout, but it just seems hot.


My S14 used to run around 80 or a little cooler at any given time. (NOT drifting). I only had the AC fan and a stock radiator.


This new car, I have a big Spearco radiator and the clutch fan. It’s running around 82 or 83 just sitting there. I took it out for a couple donuts and it was already at 86 when I  parked it.


Any ideas?

I need this thing to run COLD for ASB. It’s going to be a million degrees out there.

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15 Responses to Trying

  1. dousan says:

    make sure its fully bled
    you running an aftermarket thermo stat too?
    clutch fan is ok and working and such?
    and um…other then that, hmmm i think thats about it
    check those puppies.

  2. revgasm_josh says:

    bleed that sucker out for sure
    thermostat? no thermostat?

    i hope my car runs cool too homie!!! catchya soon

  3. Logan says:

    Hey BH

    I have a spare thermo that came off my SR

    I THINK it’s a Nismo, cause when I matched it up with my new Nismo that I put in, it looked similar with markings and such

    LMK if you want it you can have it

    No garans it will work tho

  4. Logan says:

    Ack just checked not a Nismo

    76.5 deg, not 65

  5. s0apgun says:

    jack front end up
    put heater on blast
    bleed it out

  6. bhworld says:

    I don’t know if I bled it right.
    I tried to do it as best I could.

    I don’t have a heater, soapgun, so that’s no good.

  7. bhworld says:

    I was told that the car has a Nismo thermostat (but het, I was told it had a lot of things that ended up not being there).

  8. srsbzns says:

    BH s0apgun is still right.

    Jack car up and let ir run for about 10 minutes or so. If you have any kind of climate contol in the car at all turn it on high . If not dont worry about it the only reason you turn the heater on anyway its to “burp” air out of those lines too.

    Titling the car front up moves air bubbles trapped in lines and such

  9. om1kron says:

    I hate filling up the radiator.

  10. Dousan says:

    Oh yeah
    you kept fan shroud on too right?
    That’s key!!

  11. bhworld says:

    Half the shroud, yes.

    The lower half, I took out. It was a super hassle. I DID manage to modify the top half of the shroud though, so I have that.

    I think I must not have bled it properly. It’s a pretty damn straightforward installation.

  12. Mark Slide Squad says:

    Briiian, when I was using that radiator in my RB S13, at idle it would be about 70 degrees with a lower thermo. Just make sure that shit is bled properly and put in a lower thermostat if it doesn’t have one!

  13. bhworld says:

    hey Mark.

    I was told the car has a Nismo thermostat in it, so I went ahead and sold my brand new one months and months ago.

    I tried to bleed it how you told me, but I don’t know if I did it properly. I probably messed up. Do you take that whole bleeder screw out or what? No water ever came out of it. I let the car idle for so long and watched the bubbles come out and I would fill more water when it started to go down. I did this for a long ass time. I could see that the water started getting pretty hot, so I capped it and let it go.

    I’m pretty damn sure that it’s not bled properly.

    also, didnt you say that it will run really hot if the timing is very advanced?

  14. Logan says:

    Yeah the little 10mm or 8mm bleeder screw on the water neck

    Make sure not to over tighten that thing otherwise it will strip

    Water should come out of the bleeder screw….it kinda has to?

    But yeah, don’t ask me cause I’m pretty not good with cars either 😦

  15. sosideways says:

    I always jacked the car up and put the front on jack stands, then took the rad cap off and let it burp there, squeezing the upper rad hose here and there (until it gets too hot to touch), then revving the motor here and there too.

    Brian you’re gonna have to let it sit for a long ass time, at least until the thermostat opens up, that way ALL the water inside the block and hoses will get bled.

    Took me at least 45 minutes on an SR…

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