All Star Bash

It’s next weekend already!!!!



get excited.


All your favorite Formual D starts will be there with ugly fucking cars. Come enjoy!



I’m going to try and get my car all done up on Thursday.

Radiator, Water temp meter, maybe change timing to stock (if it is indeed advanced like I was told)

Then picking up some clear markers DMAX and some checker mats DMAX.


Hopefully all is well after that.


Maybe my engine will blow up at ASB. ONLY TIME WILL TELL!

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14 Responses to All Star Bash

  1. Holla! says:

    Formula D Stars?? Ugly f*cken cars?? Has America forgotten why ASB was so popular to begin with?

    I can’t comment, never been, never will, but I know what an ASB event looks like.. and there sure as shit aint no Hyundai’s in the shots I’ve seen.

    Meh.. Still lookin forward to coverage.. speaking of that, any live coverage planned? The world waits..

  2. bhworld says:

    Well, I’m glad you and I feel the same. There are a lot more people that feel that way too.
    I pre-appologize for any bullshit cars you might see in ASB coverage.

  3. slappythehomelessclown says:

    Ugly fuckin cars is right!

  4. Zach says:

    Tell the people with ugly cars that the event had to be postponed to two weeks from now.

  5. Nick says:

    What kind of ugly cars are we talking about here? Milano bad? or like forseberg 350 bad?

  6. dousan says:

    asb isnt popular for the cars you idiots
    its popular for INSANE DRIVING
    get over yourselves
    everyones so fucking emo its in sane
    who cares what their cars look like
    if they are going fast and full lock side-by-side
    thats all that mattters

    and if you think forsbergs car is bad, your probably retarded.

  7. bhworld says:

    Dousan – I think you forgot exactly why ASB was created and why people love to see coverage from it.

    I know you disagree now, but that’s fine. Your opinion is your opinion.

    People can go check out Formula D coverage or Pro-Am coverage, etc. If they just want to see insane driving by top drifting pros.

    ASB is / was / should be really cool looking cars and cool driving.
    That is how I feel. That is WHY I made ASB. A LOT of other people feel EXACTLY the same.

    Nobody needs to “get over themselves”.

  8. Dousan says:

    Asb when da came out with thiercars was by far the best one ever
    and they are pros
    ponder that

    the last asb was a bust and coverage was next to none
    no pros or their cars either

    do the math

  9. BH World says:

    Yeah, when Drift Alliance was there it was great. Everybody was rockin’ in their cool cars. That was the very first one. It was great. Tons of cool drivers and cool cars.

    The very last one was a bust. No regulars were there. Nobody had money and/or wanted to spend it. Everybody was doing a “build” on their car, so there were only a small number of drivers. Shoot, I didn’t even drive it. 😦

  10. Kyle says:

    See you guys next year. Should have the funds and correct motor then.

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