here is some car stuff…









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9 Responses to here is some car stuff…

  1. Holla! says:

    Wheels look dope, was afraid the different tapers would make it look dumb but it works..

    Put your clear indicators in..

  2. FefeM says:

    meat and potatoes right here. love it.

  3. bhworld says:

    thanks holla.

    Some people still talk down about the wheels. oh well.

    I like them more and more.

    I should be getting the clear side markers and some floormats from DMAX next week sometime. 🙂

  4. Rogan says:

    The wheels are all G

  5. papa'ing says:

    into it, pulled those rollers off

  6. Edgar says:

    My girlfriend really really likes your car. And she’s not car savvy whatsoever, haha. She said it stole her heart. Just thought you’d like to know.

  7. bhworld says:


    My car steals hearts.

  8. Edgar says:

    I want it back. You heart stealer.

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