My weekend.

Involved this


So, let me tell you this story.

Recently I wanted some hockey games, right? yeah of coruse.

I have Wii and there are maybe 2 games for Wii that involve hockey, and I hear they both suck.

Then I remembered I can play Gamecube games. So I got NHL 05 and NHL 06. They were pretty neat I guess, but very similar.

My brother has PS3 and NHL 09 for that and it is INSANE. so cool. So detailed. SO fancy. You’re in the game.

Well, I don’t think it’s wise to buy a PS3 just to get the game, so I decided to get it for PS2 instead. (NHL 09 of course).

HEY, where did the PS2 come from???

Oh, let me tell you. I bought a brand new PS2 for my brother a while ago and he never uses it, so I decided to borrow it.

Well…. NHL09 for PS3 and NHL09 for PS2 are VERY different.

the PS3 version is so detailed. Example: You can pick the stick you want to use. Further, you can pick the flex and the blade pattern. wow. wild.

In PS2 version you can pick from a couple outdated sticks. That’s it.

Also, the PS2 version is pretty much exactly the same as NHL06, except for updated jerseys (sort of) and rosters (sort of).

The commentary is all the same. Almost everything is the same.  Lame.

BUT…..   I enjoy it still.

Have fun reading this blog post.

it’s Monday morning and I’m not in the mood t o write anything in a nice manner.

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One Response to My weekend.

  1. S133P3R says:

    WTF is PS3?

    3 steps to enlightenment…..
    1.get nintendo,
    2. get “ice hockey” cartridge,
    3.ENJOY! the fights are the best.

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