Now with 18s.




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12 Responses to Now with 18s.

  1. Sneaky says:

    That looks slick. You should definitely get to driving it.

  2. C's Garage says:

    “Now that they are on, I think I want to lower it a little. haha. damnit.”


  3. s0apgun says:

    lower it you fruit

  4. dousan says:

    wow looks great BH!
    i hope you get a real camera for 4th of july/birthday/new year/x-mas/un-birthday etc etc

  5. bhworld says:

    I think I want to bring the front down about a half inch or something…

    The pass rear needs to come down like an inch. It is way higer than the driver side for some reason.

  6. jeong says:

    so simple/clean!! :thumbsup:

  7. FefeM says:

    make it as low as your s14. blow up bumpers again.

    return to the roots.

  8. C's Garage says:

    If you have this low, it still wont blow bumpers up, stock aero sits at a nice practical height, the front lip may scrape a bit but nothing major. Best of both worlds!

  9. sosideways says:

    Looks good indeed, BH!

    Just wish the rear had mad MAD concave spokes, that would just be the bees’ knees.

  10. papa'ing says:

    dope! bring it downn

  11. Jay says:

    Looks awesome dude! Just bring it down a tad and you’ll be set!

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