Yesterday, Chris Harte and I went to see Conan O’Brien. It was pretty cool, but you have to wait outside for SO long.
That had David “Doocuffknee” (not even going to try and spell his name)

The girl from the new movie LAND OF THE LOST


This comedian… he was the white guy with reddish hair that played one of the announcers on Chapelle’s Show’s skit about the Dice Tournament. lol.

Good stuff.


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3 Responses to Conan

  1. kuruptR says:

    dope I went to a show recently before they switched, in NY. Was awesome! They toned him down a bit on the tonight show.

  2. sal campo says:

    was that the one with conando!?!?

  3. bhworld says:

    haha yes it sure was.


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