Mary and I just got back from Vegas. We left on Monday after work and stayed up until noon today.

Stayed at Whiskey Pete in Primm on Monday night because it was not as far as Vegas, and the room was…. $14.



Nice room. Real basic. not shitty. No complaints from me.


Tuesday night we stayed in a Monaco Suite at Monte Carlo. It was pretty cool. Huge!!! Nice couch, chairs, huge bed, etc. whirlpool… blah blah.


anyways, We both needed to get out of town for a couple days. She is starting her new job on Monday which is GREAT!

I just needed a break from my job and whatnot. Still need a new one by the way. anybody?


So, I’m checking emails and whatnot.

APPARENTLY MY ADVANS came in yesterday.

I should be happy, but the contents of the email kind of pissed me the hell off.

I’ll update tomorrow probably.


So, back in CA, same shit sucks. damnit.


Hockey game tonight in an hour. I’m super tired.




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2 Responses to trip

  1. sosideways says:

    A little R&R is always a good thing.

    Sorry to hear about the work and wheels situation man.

  2. bhworld says:

    It will blow over one day.
    …just gotta get to that day.

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