It is here

Mr. Jersey showed up today. It’s pretty nice. I like it.


It didn’t come out exactly how I thought it would, but oh well. What am I gonna do?




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6 Responses to It is here

  1. S.Parmar says:

    Oh man, that sucks… Weird that an official store would eff that up :/

  2. Logan says:

    What is wrong with it?

    On a side note, you should’ve got it with HARTE on the back

  3. bhworld says:

    Yeah. I don’t get it.

    I guess they ONLY do last names. I tried to do a custom one and they don’t allow first name initials.

    oh well. whatever. I like it.

    Logan – In the NHL, the Canucks have the Sedin twins on the team, Daniel and Henrik. So, their jerseys say D. SEDIN and H. SEDIN.

    I figured since I ordered from the “current team” list, they would make it the same way the real one is.
    I guessed wrong.

    And yes, I wish I would have just done HARTE 44.


  4. s0apgun says:

    where the hell you been man

  5. bhworld says:

    I’ve been in Las Vegas.

  6. BAxe says:

    this a hint home skillet?

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