Last night we went down to Huntington Beach and happened to drive past the Nissan Dealership in hopes that they might have a CUBE.


Sure enough, they did. 5 of them or so actually.


I am 100% sure I am going to get one now. They are pretty cool little guys. Looks pretty small from the outside, but they are large on the inside. NEAT!


Now I’ve gotta do my best to dump more cash into my CUBE account for the next couple months and then sell the J30 also. That should leave me with a nice fat deposit for the CUBE.


I’m pretty excited for this and look forward to getting one.

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6 Responses to CUBE

  1. s0apgun says:


    i went and checked them out at the dealer

    pretty cool cars i like


  2. om1kron says:

    I like the cube, it has the rfid push start.


  3. Logan says:

    Full coverage insurance
    Monthly payments

  4. bhworld says:

    ahhh yeah.

    I wonder how much the insurance will be on it?
    Hopefully not too bad..

    In theory it will be my ONLY car at that point…. so that’s good.

  5. Kieran says:

    Awesome! I’ve got a Japanese Import Cube (bz11) here in the UK, I love it!

  6. swayray says:

    fleet account discount can get you into one for close to list price

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