Game 8

We blew it.

We got killed last night. 6 to 1 or something. Everybody sucked pretty bad overall.

I sucked. Got tired real fast for some reason.

I still need another season to get back into the swing of things. I miss a lot of good opportunities by a half step or so.

Still had fun though!  I wish the rest of the team would play for fun and not be so damn serious all the time.

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5 Responses to Game 8

  1. Kieran says:

    I know the feeling dude. Sometimes it just doesn’t click. I’m a goalie and that’s the worst position to have an off game :p

  2. dousan says:

    maybe you should play more serious and stop taking everything so lightly. it’s a sport. it’s competition. what do you expect, BH?

  3. bhworld says:

    I do play serious, but I don’t bitch and moan all the time like the rest of the team.

  4. bhworld says:

    p.s. cant tell if you are joking or not, dous.

  5. dousan says:

    i dont remember if i was
    see you thisweekend maybe!!

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