I think I am going to sell the car after All Star Bash. I’m pretty tired of it and tired of cars in general.

Maybe I’ll keep it for a bit longer but sell some stuff off of it. (i.e. cage, bars, etc.)

Maybe I’ll sell the whole thing.

Maybe I’ll part it out.

I don’t know.

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40 Responses to ugh.

  1. Dylan says:

    gonna move to canada and play hockey everyday?

  2. bhworld says:

    That would be fantastic.
    I would like to move to Canada.

  3. Rogan says:

    Dont lose the faith

    ASB will bring you back renewed energy

  4. BH World says:

    my faith is dead.

    I thought painting my car would restore it….


  5. Geoff says:

    Lately I feel ya.

  6. B Dogg says:

    dibs on front bumper and lip!

  7. BH World says:

    buy the whole car!

  8. s0apgun says:

    don’t be a faggot

  9. dropjay says:

    I feel ya’ Brian. Over it all right now. Good luck with whatever you do. Car does look awesome right now now.

  10. Matej says:

    Sell it ASAP.

  11. Nick says:

    So if you sell the car, how much? I may actually be interested around that time.

  12. bhworld says:

    I don’t know yet on the car.

    It’s built pretty nice right now and not all busted up like the 14 was.

    So, only time will tell.

    Thanks for kind words, dudes.

  13. Jay says:

    I hear ya on being over it…..

    HOWEVER, this car is too nice to just sell to anyone. Plus we haven’t done our spirit of 2001 photo shoot yet. So until that happens, you are strictly prohibited from selling.

  14. bhworld says:

    hah Jay, you’re right!

  15. MIKE says:

    Don’t BRO out and join the Dirt Alliance.

    Maybe go four-door?

  16. Sneaky says:

    (too much time in the build, not enough time driving.) If you’re gonna sell it don’t spend another red cent on it before that time comes.

  17. phil says:

    well talk about this.

  18. CHASE says:

    i know what you mean
    since i sold my car things have been so much simpler. i dont have to deal with any of that shit breaking. i still have a new car that i like but im just not modding as much.
    but i will tell you it is nice just to not have to mess with shit.
    im not going to lie i do miss my car a bit sometimes, but im happy i sold it.

    if i could do it all over again i still would have sold it.

    i do like your new car.. i would have done it the same.


  19. dousan says:

    because u dotn do events anymore
    you just read forums and post blogs
    go drive and your attitude changes and you wont be so emo about ASB and drifting in general.

    but then again, without drifting you will have more money.

  20. BH World says:

    Yeah…. don’t really know how t o work on my car.
    don’t know how to fix it, so I just let it sit.

    I need to put a new radiator in and hook up my gauges and do a compression check.

    but i dont know how…..

  21. BH World says:

    if somebody knows how to do that stuff and wants to help me do it, let me know.

    that would be good.

  22. kOOpA says:

    i can only imagine someone having this feeling if they aren’t driving enough. i know every time i go to an event, all i can think about is doing it again as soon as possible =p

    but you gotta do what’s you. have fun either way ^^

  23. BH World says:

    Yeah, true.

    I think I drove twice in the last year.

    I’ve had the chance to do more, but I didn’t.

    Must mean I am losing the faith. I can buy a lot more hockey equipment for the price of car parts. 🙂

  24. Matej says:

    Not if you bought Ebay parts.

  25. BH World says:

    Yeah, but the thing is.

    I value my life and dignity.

  26. cut my life into pieces says:

    this is my last resort

  27. dousan says:

    nice reply BH
    so true

    yes u can buy sweet shti if cut back on car stuff i know this is true. i bought all sorts of cool stuff lately

    but never give up until the fight is done!

    lets go drift! come out again!

  28. dousan says:

    may 30th! DO IT
    talk w/ charlie!!

  29. dousan says:

    we could run that sweet twin drift we did quite a few months back
    i know u remember!!!

  30. bhworld says:

    I can’t do the 30th, but I am trying to do 31st.

    I have a previous obligation on the 39th. DOH!

  31. D*star says:

    God. What a bag of dicks. Stop being a faggot and keep it.
    Just let it sit forever. Who cares. At least you can still drive it once in awhile and stare at it. That shit’s pretty satisfying too. Your so goddam emo it hurts to read.

  32. bhworld says:

    ohhhh ughhh my life.

    i cut my hands and put dirty motor oil in there to feel PAIN.

    my life. my deepest crimson runs deep.

    Hold on, I’m gonna go put Pinkerton on and sit in the corner.

  33. dousan says:

    i love pinkerton was listening to that today

    31st? hells yes
    me too
    and maybe flybert


  34. s0apgun says:

    gonna run a front lip?

  35. Revgasm_Josh says:

    We should get jeep wranglers. hell yea

  36. says:

    we understand


    i will get your ass killed
    thanks duder!

  38. I might swing by on the 31st to check u guys out.

  39. Mark says:

    at one point in every single man’s life, we have to decide to have fun or grow up n continue on in life. i might not have the age or experience to exactly say that but im going though a stuff time too

  40. Mark says:

    at one point in every single man’s life, we have to decide to have fun or grow up n continue on in life. i might not have the age or experience to exactly say that but im going though a tough time too

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