My ADVANs are about 4 weeks out. Mid June should be the arrival time.


what to do.  what to do.

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12 Responses to apparently

  1. FefeM says:

    On the count of three you will forget about advans and concentrate on getting blitz 03’s for ultimate hotness.

    1…2…3. thx.

  2. Just quit says:

    Quit now and just forget about drifting, also when you do it you have to go all over the internet and say you are quitting drifting. You look ten times cooler doing that.

  3. Dylan says:

    Blitz 03’s seem like a good thing to do

  4. bhworld says:

    “just quit from Denver” – good idea. anonymous posts are stupid though.

  5. dousan says:

    make your engine run right again!
    whats the word on that?????

    blitz 03 are heavy pieces of shit. forget about it!

  6. MIKE says:

    ADVANS are soo 2001.

  7. s0apgun says:

    oh no you didn’t

    blitz 03’s are beautiful dousan!!!!

  8. you ever picked one up?? i threw my back out

  9. bhworld says:


    good point….

  10. FefeM says:

    since when does BH care about things like weight?

  11. Rogan says:

    I’m so 2000 and 8

    You’re so 2000 and LATE


  12. BH World says:

    hate that Fergie.

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