So, as you could probably see, I have a set of Blitz 03s on the front of my car.

I love them. I don’t want to get rid of them, but finding a matching set of 18s in a good size is rough.

Let’s go to 5 minutes ago. What did I find on ebay?  …somewhat local too?

a full set of 18×10 +22 Blitz 03s.

sun of a bitch.

I do NOT want to front the cash for them right now. It’s a large chunk of change that I don’t want to depart with right now.

What do I do?

I have a full set of R33 GTRs.

I have 6 Advan TC2s on order (4 18s and 2 17s)

I have no idea when the Advans arrive.

Please, somebody figure this out for me.

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23 Responses to BLITZ

  1. BigJames says:

    Do it…
    you can always sell the excess wheels later – might be a while before you find local 03’s again!
    You will be pissed at yourself if you miss out….

  2. cbleslie says:

    Better yet. Sell drugs.

  3. Jay says:

    sell me ya r33 gtr wheel to help you pay for them? lol

  4. jeong says:

    what’s there to figure out? GET THEM. and sell the r33 gtr’s.

    6 blitz 03, 6 advan tc ii. legitttt.

  5. Jay says:

    if you decide to see the R33’s let me know, doesnt matter with or without tires. 240sxhitman from Nico.

  6. s0apgun says:

    you know where i stand

  7. BOXCAR says:

    03 > 33

  8. bhworld says:

    so uhhhh, who wants a set of R33 GTR wheels for $1000?

  9. FefeM says:

    DOIT. full set of polished 03’s would look killer.

  10. D*star says:

    Stop being a bitch and get T6’s is what to do.
    I only like TCII on FD/JZA80 and such.

    The BLITZ is cool too though.
    Might be a bit TOO koguchi replica-esque for me though.

  11. bhworld says:

    T6 kind of suck… They suck more than they don’t suck.

  12. D*star says:


    Forgot to say. AMAZING car you just built. Ive been watching with approval for the entire build.
    One of the best 180’s ever from the U.S. You have amazing car style and attention to detail.


  13. jeremy says:

    get the blitz 03s.

    r33s are super gay.

    6 advans and 6 blitz is what you need!

  14. sosideways says:

    Get the Blitz 03s man.

    What are the odds of you ever finding them pretty local to you in good size again?

    You can get TCIIs all day long, same as GTRs.

    If you want those again in the future, just get them, but Blitz 03s man… get’em while you can!

  15. bhworld says:

    R33 GTRs are NEVER gay.

  16. MIKE says:

    Not usually they aren’t. In this case, Yes.

    Do what you have to do to get those 03’s on your car!!!

    Definitely sell the 33’s.

    03’s > 33’s
    TCII > 33’s
    03’s > TCII

  17. Rogan says:

    For the price you told me the 03’s were selling for, I’d say a big fat HELL no

    You are in the industry, for that amount you could easily get something else, brand new, with sizing that you could choose

    As we discussed, the R33’s are temporary wheels

    Stick to the same plan, use the R33’s until the TCII’s arrive, then sell the R33’s and use the spacers from the R33’s on the TCII rears

    Also, when the TCII’s arrive, sell the 03’s

    That should give you tire money for the TCII’s


  18. Rogan says:

    Hold up


    If you want the 03’s super bad, then just do it

    No questions axed, just sell the 33’s now and figga out a way to come up with the extra scrills for the 03’s

    I would definitely haggle the guy selling the 03’s though, price is still kinda high imo…not high in terms of value, but high in your current situation to make it a practical decision

  19. sosideways says:

    Dang, Rogan San dropping the low down.

    Uh…. what he said lol

  20. BH World says:

    So, who will pony up and buy my GTR wheels?

  21. Jord says:

    So did you buy them?

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