Little things

Here is something that bags me about a lot of s13s.

I see some pretty cool ones around, but then sometimes they are totally missing the plastics around the headlight.



OR, the plastics are super ghetto looking.



So, with mine, I said, screw it, let me take 5 minutes and paint them so it all looks 10x better.



also, you might be able to see the goofy pink tinted headlight bulbs.

I hope to get rid of those REAL soon and fill the area with HID!

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2 Responses to Little things

  1. dousan says:

    mine are all busted up from when i hit something, i think it was a haybale at JD

    anyways yeah always paint them. lindsay and i always did. makes them look fancy nice.

  2. rm says:

    I just painted mine last week. Yeah, they look so much sexier now. They look better than OE!

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