Indoor colour

I just finished putting almost all of the parts on. (front bumper and lip and fender extensions are half ass or missing right now.  I’ll do those later)

But, here we go. This is what it looks like indoors. It looks very dark and green in here, but outside it is bright and goldish.

Also, I need to color sand and buff it, but I don’t think I want to do it. I want to pay somebody to do it nice.

car 01

car 02

car 03

I still need to bolt the driver sideskirt and double stick tape it.

I need to clean all the windows.

I need to sand/buff.

I need to add some key stickers.

But, essentially, this is the car.

Oh, and wait for my Advans to show up.

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26 Responses to Indoor colour

  1. codysarem says:

    looks really good!

    WAY better than that red car hahaha.

  2. bhworld says:


    I’m pretty sure it looks much better outside!

  3. Holla! says:

    Looks awesome.. you must be stoked!

  4. Dylan says:

    Holy crap that looks killer. Is it Desert Sage metallic? Or Millennium Jade? So sick.

  5. BH World says:

    It’s Desert sage metallic, but it came out darker I think.

    I have seen a couple non-lexus cars painted this same color, but they come out darker as well. I’m not sure why.

  6. C's Garage says:

    That front shot looks awesome. Outside please!

    So your advan’s arn’t lost forever? Still coming?

  7. dousan says:

    should went white primer!

    but looks great BH!

  8. hilton lohan says:

    love that number plate so much

  9. anth says:

    looks awesome man, been quietly waiting to see it painted. love that front shot

  10. Derek says:


  11. salcampo says:


  12. bhworld says:

    thanks yall!

  13. FefeM says:

    holy shit. that looks great

  14. Jay says:

    The car looks awesome, dude! Did you ended up ordering different advans or are the model 5’s still coming?

  15. bhworld says:

    I ordered different ones.

    I hope they arrive sometime soon.

  16. Sneaky says:

    Outstanding and highly original choice of colour. Can’t wait to see some ‘finished’ pics out in the sunlight.

  17. rogansan says:

    Good choice BH

    We reppin for Team Earthtones

  18. rogansan says:

    Your driver seat looks like he is a way cooler dude than the passenger seat

    Passenger seat is being a debbie downer

    But driver seat is like


  19. bomac says:

    i like

  20. jeong says:

    wow that color looks wayyyy different inside! looks very gray-greenish. can’t wait for outside pics. looking awesome brian!

  21. realmz1 says:

    very nice to see the project come along. With everyone else BRING ON THE OUTDOOR FLICKS!

  22. Freddy says:

    Fuckin sick! Love the color!!

  23. papa'ing says:

    wow! thats awesome man. get some sun shots

  24. srsbzns says:

    So fresh so clean

  25. email me when you see this 🙂 we need to chat.

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