Ok cool look,  LOOk at the EYES.


get your EGO.



and here it is with fresh PAINT


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13 Responses to news

  1. YES!! i love it
    cant wait to see it in the sun and all aero’d up

  2. bhworld says:

    the real question is, IS this a photo of the color or the primer?

  3. gray primer?
    white primer is the way to go or the color comes out darker i thought?

  4. om1kron says:

    dark primer is for darker colors, white primer is for lighter colors.

  5. 3L says:

    nice, cant wait to see it all painted.

  6. Jay says:

    I know you….That’s totally primer.

  7. bhworld says:

    the real colour is weird.

  8. FefeM says:

    at first i was like huh.

    but i have faith in bh.

  9. srsbzns says:

    hot pink zebra stripe metallic.


  10. Kyle says:

    Argh I need to stop being lazy and do this already. Already looks amazing.

  11. Tang says:

    Dark primer eh? I’ll guess deep purple haha

  12. C's Garage says:

    If you paint it deep purple, im taking you off our blog roll, ahah. Serious.

  13. bhworld says:

    No purple here. I promise.

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