Saw some dudes today….






Went today to go check out a customer’s car.


Everything there just blew me away…



Some Bentleys, Mercedes, Bugatti, and a couple Porsches I think.  (and David Hasslehoff.  see him? black shirt and jeans.) He was running his Porsche in the event.



LP640,  Bugatti, gallardo, aston, XJ220, a couple Phantoms…  SLR Mclaren too.

jesus….. MONEY.



Our customer car









some more stuff



that black porsche is hasslehoff’s.



It was just wild.


Love it.

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4 Responses to GUMBALL 3000

  1. codysarem says:

    oh man so cool!!!

    when all the cars were leaving did jarod go “SEEEEND ITTTTTT!!!”

  2. s0apgun says:

    david hasselhoff is my fucking idol

  3. bhworld says:

    Went back today (was up North and decided to drive back home down PCH (and figured, why not stop by VICEROY and see if they are still there) They were having a “drivers meeting” when We got there. Pretty cool.

    Just wild.

    Where do you see 3 Mclaren SLRs and 2 Bugattis just sitting in the same little parking lot? jesus, What’s that like 3.5 Million worth of cars?

    The 430s, Continental GTs and everything else looks “plain” in comparison.

    Travis Barker was there pulling in at the same time so I said what’s up and gave “props” for AQUABATS. lol.

    Then Dennis Rodman was there looking all unique and whatnot.

    Pretty cool stuff in my opinion.

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