New shirt

The other day Mr. Jeremy Sakioka sent me a text asking for my address. This was odd, but I gave it to him.

Today I get this big envelope and open it up. It was from Jeremy…

I got this.


This is just pure genius.

Please take note of the pink and blue colours. Please see the eagle, moon, and wilderness setting.


Thank you Mr. Sakioka!!!

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8 Responses to New shirt

  1. Om1kron says:

    wow, this is almost as bad as a wolf tshirt.

  2. jeong says:

    hahaha. my day has been awesomeized after viewing this glorious picture.

  3. BH World says:

    If you have ever been to an air show in the 90s, this shirt probably makes sense.

  4. Rogan says:

    Holy cow this is awesome

    What did he make this for?

  5. cbleslie says:

    Dude I want one.

  6. cbleslie says:


  7. DJ Ty says:

    Jeremy has T-shirts now. Awsome theme.

  8. dousan says:

    holy shit its perfect!!

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