Did some BODY WORK today.

Katsu decided to help me because I suck pretty bad….

So, it should be SUPER nice I think (the areas he did anyways).

I also managed to remove the 3rd brake light and rear sidemarkers.

Tomorrow I will fill them in maybe.

Gonna be sick.


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8 Responses to BODY WORK

  1. s0apgun says:

    tomorrow you WILL fill them in.

  2. srsbzns says:

    I know NY and Cali inspection are a lot alike and I know that no 3rd break light in a car means it wont pass inspection here. May want to look into that

  3. BH World says:

    I laugh in your general direction.

    I never had a 3rd brake light on my 14.
    I won’t have it on this car either.


  4. Rogan says:

    My S13 doesnt have 3rd brake light, shaved

    I will cross that bridge when/if it comes

  5. srsbzns says:

    yeah Im just sayin. Cali laws and NY laws semm to be pretty similar and I hit that issue here this spring with the lexus since i too the spoiler off.

    so I went out and bought a red led strip and put it in the headliner of the back window and wired it up. It passed and you dont even know its there.

  6. s0apgun says:

    all that matters is


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