Over the last couple years I’ve been to the end of the internet and back 4 million times. It seems like I have a lot of free internet time during work and this leads me to find ways to cure boredom. I’ve managed to create this “BH” internet guy and I think it’s starting to go to far.

I enjoy starting up shit on drifter forums because they are generally very dull. I am this very arrogant and rude fella during these times and people are starting to think that is who I am in real life. I, in my opinion, am quite the opposite.


Maybe I’ll try and give that “BH” guy a rest. Too much hate is going on these days. I think it’s time to be nice to everybody now.



We’ll see what happens.




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11 Responses to Thinkin’

  1. bhworld says:

    hah, no. Not those thankfully.

  2. Logan says:

    BH is a lover not a fighter

  3. Kyle says:

    only the reallll young guys don’t get it. just don’t post in the “i R t3h new to NiC0 and r think bout drift ka24e” threads.

  4. s0apgun says:

    who is bh?

    legends never die

  5. Thomas Moore says:

    Haha, im not a saint on the web either.

  6. Thomas Moore says:

    …but i see what you mean.

  7. FefeM says:

    end of an era


  8. jaydeemrolly says:

    you know, theres troof to this, i was in premie chat yesterday and alot of em hate you lol

  9. bhworld says:

    too much hate.

    no need for it.

  10. srsbzns says:

    I thought it was “too much hate in 08”

    I cant even think of a cool slogan for 09 “lets make things fine in ’09”

    kinda lame. IDK

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