Formula D 180

What a typical FD 180sx might look like…


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9 Responses to Formula D 180

  1. Jord says:

    I love it Rhys. Make it real.

  2. sosideways says:

    Is the car so high that you can’t see the wheels in that pic? lol

  3. srsbzns says:

    needs a streetglow sticker somewhere

  4. Rhys Millen says:

    wheres your roof scoop, mate

  5. bhworld says:

    Lol. nice.

    totally forgot the roof scoop and SPORTMAXXX LOGO.

  6. Dousan says:

    Not an intentional burn……
    But looks like colin frost’s 240sx..
    Almost same sponors butuse raceon instead of seibon

  7. Waider says:

    is that draw include a build up engine

  8. 3L says:

    I shouldn’t have given Phil my design… this is like…treason…

    People die for that ya know… hahaha

  9. colin frost says:

    you can just post a picture of the car if you want, it’ll save you time on the photoshopping 🙂

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