I just decided

that I don’t want to go to a Formula D or D1 ever again….

i think.

I’m pretty sure.

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20 Responses to I just decided

  1. Kyle says:

    Not legit enough for you anymore? Your best friend Broadfield from NICO and I are probably headed to D1 in Chicago this year, assuming it happens.

  2. BH World says:

    D1 still has a glimmer of hope.

    I just can’t really stand to go to Formula D anymore.

    The last few times I went, I could not even bring myself to stay until the end.

  3. Kyle says:

    Ah, I’ve never been to a drift event before, good old central Illinois doesn’t have much in the way of them unless I drive a couple of hours to check em out. I just watch all of the coverage all over the web about all the drift events, and from that perspective, it’s hard to point out what is different unless you know what you’re looking for.

  4. Thomas Moore says:

    I think i understand.

  5. S133P3R says:

    2 words: DRIFT DOJO

    wtf is that anyways?

  6. srsbzns says:

    I feel Formula D is like WWF or whatever. Its kinda feel scripted. Like at the beginning of the day they have the drivers meeting and go over everything that will happen and who will win.

    “Pepsi paid alot of money today so this car that sponsored by pepsi is going to be the hero”

    Sam hubinette is cool so he can just go around being a dick and break checking people who actually have more skill then him. What does he care Dodge gave him like 60 different cars to drive

  7. Revgasm_Josh says:

    chicago D1… the only reason i say this, you can road trip from Cali to Chi!

  8. jonesin says:

    You’ll be back.

    I find myself thinking the same thing all the time, but you will go back to an event, just like long beach with all the pro-ams going. I probably wouldn’t give a shit if it wasn’t for them.

    I just don’t understand D1, sounds retarded and it sounds like they are spending a ton of money. I will not be surprised if it pulls a nopi and fails halfway through the season.

    FD I guess is alright but I just don’t care for competition drifting anymore it seems. Unfortunately, as ugly as the cars that win are, those guys win for a reason I just wish they could go away and have real drifters drifting.

  9. bhworld says:

    I didn’t even go to the pro-am thing.

    Red Bull was pretty cool though. I will go to that if they do it again.

    FD… I really don’t care to watch it or know what happens anymore.

    D1… If there was a car or cars I really wanted to see, I’d go.


  10. s0apgun says:

    hey brian,

    do you like fishsticks?

  11. Well thanks for coming out to support us anways! 🙂

  12. BH World says:

    THAT part was fun, John.

  13. Roy says:

    so no D1 in anaheim for you?

  14. BH World says:

    MAYBE…. I might have free tickets. If I do, I’ll perhaps go.

    If not, then hell no.

  15. Barry D says:

    So, what exactly turns you off to FD so much? Is it politics or the way the cars look? I went to FD ATL two yrs ago and it was pretty fun.

  16. Gabedm says:

    Brian lets be real, the only good D1 event will be miami, and thats ONLY because ill be there

  17. Jay says:

    I had the same revelation a couple years back. Havent been to a FD since that one in Sonoma we went to a couple years ago. Yeah its been THAT long. I havent missed a thing. I wont go to a D1 or FD event unless i get in for free. Its a fucking joke.

  18. Geoff says:

    Welcome to the party.

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