Close up of cage holes






For Mr. KruptR

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9 Responses to Close up of cage holes

  1. kuruptR says:

    whoa thanks big homie! cant wait to put those panels back in.

  2. Jay says:

    Did you do the same style cut (slice the panel then make the hole) on your S14? Installing my cage is on my list of “to do”s when i get home.

  3. kuruptR says:

    you can slice it or you can take out the cage and put it through the panel. I plan to put it though, I gotta take out my cage anyway.. I put those damn bolts upside down, they shred my tires!

  4. cbleslie says:

    Now is the time to find some black rubber bushings to finish it off.

  5. BH World says:

    On my S14 I used a lame bit on my DREMEL and made the holes TERRIBLE. cut the “slice” in that one too because I didn’t want to take the cage out.

    If I had enough determination to take the cage out, I would have just done the hole and NOT done the slice. It would look better….

    Maybe one day I will. Maybe not.


    maybe I’ll look for bushings, but probably not.

  6. kuruptR says:

    nah you dont need bushings you did a good job on it, looks good.

  7. Logan says:

    I can’t put interior back in the car

    Too latez

  8. azndoc says:

    What is this interior that you speak of Logan.

    Its been so long since I’ve seen interior, gotta strong.

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