Paris Hilton

I took the car outside fir the first time in at least a month. It got some fresh air. It moved. It turned on. It will get some vitamin C now


It is CLEAN compared to how it was most of the month. I blew it off with the compressor pretty well…. but it’s still filthy.

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22 Responses to Paris Hilton

  1. Revgasm_Josh says:

    i wish chicago had sun light

  2. BH World says:

    You should get a Solar conversion.

    It’s hot “pun”

  3. Jordan says:


    Front lip?

  4. s0apgun says:

    hey brian,

    front lip??

  5. BH World says:

    I threw away the front lip.

  6. Om1kron says:

    *digs through brians trash*

  7. FefeM says:

    Man those blitz 03’s look great

  8. bhworld says:


    I’ll sell them in the (maybe near) future.

  9. Alexi says:

    Vitamin D is from sunlight.

  10. s0apgun says:

    alexi hates americans

  11. Logan says:

    I think the Advans + paint will set this thang off

  12. Jordan says:

    What colour are the advans?

  13. BH World says:

    The ADVANS are gunmetal.

  14. s0apgun says:

    are these silver or gunmetal?

  15. BH World says:

    will this car have the front lip?

  16. s0apgun says:

    No, you sold it.

  17. BH World says:

    oh yeah, true.

    I sold it with the car.

  18. Ruiz XIII says:

    ADVANS will just be for coffee table/furniture for home/apt/living space

  19. Benson says:

    what color is your front lip?

  20. Leigh says:

    Brian car looks great. Are you planning on running a front lip?

  21. Revgasm_Josh says:

    he sold the lip and tossed the car in with it…sik ass deal

  22. srsbzns says:

    buy a kouki lip get a car free.

    use advans as custom wheels on your office chair.

    be cool

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