Uh oh, just got notice that a set of my Advans arrived.

Also, another set arrived.

Now I just wait for the last two.


When they hell and how the hell am I supposed to pick all of these up???

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5 Responses to ADVAN

  1. C's Garage says:

    Adam can fit 5 wheels with tyres on and him in his car with cage and everything. Do it

  2. dousan says:

    give me the addy
    ill pick them up for you…

  3. bhworld says:

    Hey Dousan.

    They are at Mackin.

    Also, your door bar is sitting in my J30 trunk. 🙂

  4. dousan says:

    we can meet up this weekend, ill be at FDLBC
    so if u go or not, we’ll be close to eachother.
    more then usual.

  5. Roy says:

    Sweetness! cant wait to see pics of the new wheels brian!

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