I miss

my S14.



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14 Responses to I miss

  1. bhworld says:

    so true, paris.

  2. Peter of A. says:

    I miss it too, I don’t like the 180 (yet)

  3. bejota180sx says:

    that car was awesome, my fav zenki of all time… but the 180 is turning out just like my dream car which is… well kinda like mine so i cant say i dont like the 180 either… just keep working on the fastback you’ll learn to love it when everything is done…

  4. srsbzns says:

    should have kept it and just made it a decoration in your living room or something.

    Donate it to the RMR museum for what a real, cool drift car looks like

  5. Nick says:

    this car will go down in history.

    40 years from now old men will be recreating this car like they do random old hot rods in the 40’s and 50’s.

    This car should have gone in a museum but that would just be too boring.

  6. Chrisuan says:

    yeah, that shit was baller. You got the NDA Drift S14 Sticker right?

  7. Michael says:

    I say you buy it back and make it not gay.

    That’s just my opinion though.

  8. FefeM says:

    Sold your soul to the devil

  9. srsbzns says:

    i think the s13 can possibly be as cool. Just needs a good color and equal lowness

  10. papa'ing says:

    yah, the 14 was rad.

  11. s0apgun says:

    s14 was rad

    s13 will be radder

  12. bhworld says:

    then I’ll sell that and “build” a cube.

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