Does this look okay for drifting ride height?



It would be cooler with 18s on the back, right?

it would look closer to fender?

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17 Responses to Question

  1. Jay says:

    yeah 18s in the rear and the lip on the front would looks tons better. Ride height is great though!

  2. C's Garage says:

    Yeah man it will look better with lip and 18’s, but I was looking at that photo of it at the gas station before that event, and I still think you need to go a bit lower.
    Maybe kinda like your old s14!

  3. bhworld says:

    yeah, perhaps lower.

    I think I’ll have to put the lip on and paint the car and then look at it and see how I feel.

  4. Jackie says:

    17/18 stagger + paint would be awesome.

    As above, add the lip too.

  5. Geoff says:

    Spinner 20″ wheels or death.

  6. mike says:

    love it dude… if you can go lower, do it… and be down with 17/18 stagger as well

    gangsta mate!

  7. srsbzns says:

    18’s in back and lip or more lower in front = cash moneyz

  8. Waider says:

    Needs horsepower too, you drift good with the low power KA24 so it would be even better with more power!!

  9. bhworld says:

    no more horsepower.

    paint yes

    lip yes

    18 rears yes

    the end.

  10. If you’re my age, then that looks fine. If you’re a angry pissed off teenager then no, it needs to be 15″ lower or your a complete fucking tool bag!!!


  11. dukeofny (angry pissed off teenager) says:

    this is the low enough test:

    1. put a paper clip on the road
    2. drive over paper clip
    3. did you exhaust scrape the paper clip?

    if you selected (b) then you need to attempt to re-lower your car

  12. bejota180sx says:

    i dont know in THIS exact picture i think its lower than it should but like Cs garage said, ive seen a few pictures besides this and it does look like it needs to be a bit lower… 18s in the back will look wayyy better…

    cant wait to see those advans you’ve been waiting for…

  13. bejota180sx says:

    try and find those current wheels in 18!!! they look perfect with the car! just well i dunno why they look kinda smaller than they actually are

  14. Revgasm_Josh says:

    if 18’s done come anytime soon…lower front + lip

    gotta RAKE it

  15. Edgar says:

    Ride height is perfect IMO.

  16. Sneaky says:

    I wouldn’t fret over it. The lip is a must in my opinion but more urgently, get it runnin’ sweetly and drive it a lot.

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