Fast and Furious

We went to see Fast and Furious last night for the cast and crew screening. It was everything I expected. Typical goofball car moments, tough guys, girls kissing.

The end.

You should see it if you have $10 and 2 hours. It’s fun I guess.

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6 Responses to Fast and Furious

  1. chris says:

    the commercials look stupid,the cars look stupid,the cast—not that great,the movie is just crap.i’d rather just watch tokyo drift a millon times. brian they should have just put you in charge of the movie.

    btw the s14 kouki that was crashed was rice but it was still a s14 kouki.poor car.

  2. Revgasm_Josh says:

    come watch it with us over here!!! kick back and watch all the goof balls pull the ebrake in the parking garage

  3. scott t says:

    the screening at the Mann6 last nite?
    we got there late, they didnt let us in.

    we ended up at hooters across the street to watch the jpn v. korea bball game.

  4. bhworld says:

    I THINK that S14 that got crashed was supposed to be my car. lol. I didn’t make it to the casting thing though. One of the days when Universal was over picking up parts, they mentioned to me they needed a S14 (my car was in the warehouse). bummer. That would be cool to see my car get smashed.

    Scott T – we saw it at the Arclight.

  5. Logan says:

    I will be going to watch this movie

    It’s how I learn what really happens in deez streets

  6. dukeofny says:

    anyone psyched on crank 2: high voltage?

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