Random S15

I “scanned” these pics of a S14 I saw in an old magazine.

I can’t tell whose it is, but it looks kind of neat.







I think he got the steering wheel from Logan at A Spec.

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13 Responses to Random S15

  1. Sneaky says:

    Looks like Taniguchi in the first photo so i’d say the S15 is his.

  2. Bobby says:

    you fag that’s his own steering wheel from nardi. he had a personal special edition. seriously if i ever see you i’m gonna kick you in the fucking face. you stupid bitch ass mother fucker…….nah just playing. i don’t understand how you are in love with jdm parts but don’t know shit about jdm parts..stupid bitch ass nigga

  3. dousan says:

    taniguchi rules
    and he’s a very nice guy too
    one of my favorite drivers ever, right after koguchi

  4. bhworld says:


    Do they sell those somewhere? Can ASPEC Logan get them?

    I’ve never seen this car before.

    Does anybody know how he got the Gameboy DS’s into the dash?

  5. Bobby says:

    whatever dude you eat the dick…you and all your gay fan boy homo followers…go get on japan yahoo auctions and get some more gay stickers for your gay weak ass car. shit is the gay…the room is starting to spin cause it’s so gay.

  6. Logan says:

    ASPEC Logan is dead

    I killed him

  7. FefeM says:


  8. *milk* says:

    Hey bobby, stfu! You know nothing, its an old joke from zilvia.

  9. bhworld says:

    Bobby from Oregon seems to be a very angry boy.

  10. cbleslie says:

    Best comments ever.

  11. chris says:

    the early stages of n.o.b’s s15(when it used to be in d1 back in 2001).
    this is the car he won the 2001 series Championship with. then he moved to the hks hyper genki rs-1 silvia.(the one that was owned by rockstar,and is now owned by team falken)

  12. bhworld says:


  13. s0apgun says:

    is that a type-x s14 that i always hear about?

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