Drifting is so fucked up.

So, you have D1 and you have Formula D.

Both are the “best” drifting out there, but both seem to lose fans by the day.


Apparently there are new rules for Formula D such as not being able to use tires from a company that doesn’t sponsor the series. Another one is that you have to use the stock side mirrors.

The tire thing is understandable because drifting is now a BUSINESS. Money comes in and kills fun. Duh, easy to see. Oh, Dunlop, you don’t want to sponsor FD, ok fine, no Dunlop tires allowed in the series. Kind of stupid, but whatever.


The side mirrors thing is just goffy in my opinion. These are supposed to be TOP racecars, but they need to have a factory side mirror? Why? Fuck that.


D1 and FD seem to battle it out in words on internet forums. How professional is that?

D1 just announced a TV deal and Formula D jumps right down their throat.



All Star Bash saves drifting.


I’m sick, so this post probably doesn’t make sense.

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17 Responses to Drifting is so fucked up.

  1. Rogan says:

    Grouch – Making Perfect Sense


  2. bhworld says:

    Broke da mouf

  3. hilton lohan says:

    stock mirrors only? fucking what

    formula d sucks, the australian series is way better cos it no longer exists

  4. Geoff says:


  5. Geoff says:

    It’s like watching a girl you once liked and used to date, but had a bad breakup with as she becomes old and busted. Sometimes you smile inside knowing you win, and sometimes it makes you want to cry late at night. More late night crying lately.

    Oh and can I OEM mirror swap if my sponsor is big enough?

  6. chris says:

    i don’t like fd at all,the series is being to unreal,rwd coversions to tc’s but you cant run craft square or ganador mirrors? lame. fd=fail.the only reason i wen’t to my local fd event was to see takatori. the mirror problem is all thanks to the samule hubbent or how ever way you spell it.
    d1 has better car and better drivers.

  7. Marty says:

    The tire rule has been around for 3 seasons now. I just heard about the OEM mirror thing. I know WHY they did it, but I don’t really agree with it. It’s kinda sorta not really like when Fox’s camera’s caused Robby Gordon’s NASCAR to burn to the ground.

  8. S133P3R says:

    grassroots is where its at… how good of a seat can i get at the ASB for $45 anyways?

  9. thetruedrew says:

    I’ve come close to not caring about FD or D1. FD was dead to me after watching Hulk Hogan’s son get drifting lessons from Sam Hubinette, and then getting to use the mopar viper for qualifying. Not that I like that car. At all.

  10. bhworld says:

    Yeah, the tire rule. I understand it. It makes sense in the business point of view.

    If sea world is “sponsored” by Coke, then you sure won’t be buying a pepsi there.

    It’t simple, but just fun to point out. I mean really… who cares?

    I go burn a Yokohama or I burn a Dunlop. Big fucking deal. (This is mainly for those who are on SUPER small budgets and still drift to have fun.)

  11. bhworld says:

    So, what DID happen with the Mirror thing?

    Also, what’s the deal with NO CARPET ALLOWED? Some kind of fire safety thing I assume… ?

  12. Om1kron says:

    I’m so glad I’ve never watched commercial American drifting in person. I could care less for it honestly. Yeah that dude from option videos is coming to the states to drift. Yay who cares, I’ll stick to watching hot version and best motoring, and option vids for those guys.

    These rules, fire safety and sponsorship stuff I can respect. Sucks for the dude who stocked a shitload of his favorite tires, like hitman. Cool for the dudes who get the shit free.

    The mirror thing, seriously?

    lol wtf?

  13. bhworld says:

    It’s pretty fun to watch in person (D1 was anyways).
    I don’t even stay for the whole FD events anymore.

    I don’t care to see Sam , Tanner , Rhys “battle it out” for top 3 spots.

  14. Peter of A. says:

    As Rob said there, D1GP used to be great: http://www.roadsterdrift.com/home/?p=1296
    FD is just a kind of failed copy of D1GP :\
    ASB FTW !

  15. chris says:

    what realy happen brian was that around 2004-2005 i forgot what round but samule hubbinet was doing his introduction burnout,but before the burout a camra man from espn was filming the viper witch had craft square mirrors at the time, samule finished the burout he launced and almost took out the camera man(he knocked him on the foor) samule blamed it on the mirrors,and they had to run oem mirrors ever since.

  16. srsbzns says:

    I have been saying stuff like this for a while. The other day I realized that FD and D1 are not killing the sport cause there are still tons of people who know nothing about cars who love to see all the flashing lights and loud noises.

    Its like the fast and the furious when that came out. Marketed to the general masses, giving everyone the worng idea. The peasants ate it up while the people who mattered and cared about cars laughed and tore it apart.

    Once something gets commercialized it gets ruined

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