new link

I added a new blog in my “blogroll”.

It is under “JUST JDM”

I found this guy’s blog yesterday and was blown away  300%…..

He seems to have the biggest / coolest collection of Choro-Q and die cast cars I have ever seen.

Check it out if you enjoy that stuff at all. I’m pretty sure he has every single JGTC choro Q and die cast you could think of.

Just awesome.


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6 Responses to new link

  1. S133P3R says:

    now that, is a $1000 per day habit….

  2. BH World says:


    the 1:43s generally are around $50 or so, but sometimes I see $200 range for certain models.

    I think the 1:18s are usually over a hundred easily.

    damn. just plain BOSS.

  3. S133P3R says:

    great family heirloom. go dad!

  4. realmz1 says:

    Thanx for the love. I appreciate you checking the blog. The collection grows day by day. and yes the models are Pricey and keep rising. Although I would easily say with the “collecting market” amounts my collection is worth at least 6 figures…alot of damn toys!!


  5. realmz1 says:

    Just got a few new Auto Arts and Ebbro models in. Pics will be up soon..

  6. bhworld says:



    can’t wait to see what you snagged.

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