Remember the last Drift Circuit???





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11 Responses to Remember the last Drift Circuit???

  1. dousan says:

    shino was there too

    shit was a blast that day

    oh flybert was there too!
    and so was his bf, chris.
    i was there

    fun day
    until that damn z ruined it for SD

    the day drifting died in San Diego.

    thanks megan racing!

  2. bhworld says:

    Yeah, I have photos of all you guys.

    Daveedge drove too and SCOOTER.

  3. Om1kron says:

    hahahahahaha!!! link to you tube video?

  4. DMiller says:

    Video of said crash:
    camera angle 1:

    camera angle 2:

    more pictures if anyone wants to see what a 350z looks like in a tree lol

  5. SoSideways says:

    Oh man I remember seeing that vid.

    I remember saying something like “oh look at Megan Racing trying too hard and failing at it” after seeing the video.

    Didn’t know they ruined drifting in SD though.

  6. dousan says:

    they crashed
    event organizers went nuts
    people who own the lot went nuts
    city went nuts
    drifting is over in SD
    crash was crazy
    car had he front wheels on the k rail there
    ‘could have jumped into the street’
    and the passenger was like 15 or something and was hurt
    ambulances and all iirc

  7. Barry D says:

    Can someone post the like to the video. never saw it.

  8. bhworld says:

    If you look, there were 2 people RIGHT on the other side of the tree. YIKES.
    They got very lucky.

    Oh yeah, the passenger had problems. I remember.

    That was the official END.
    The links to videos are already posted, Barry D.

  9. Ruiz XIII says:

    Whoa, sounds like it was a mess.

    These “Drift Circuits” were parking lot drift practice events or something?

  10. Om1kron says:

    first ganadors grow on trees, now 350’s, hopefully jobs start showing up next.

    “more pictures if anyone wants to see what a 350z looks like in a tree lol”

  11. Alex says:

    The driver is Tsutomo. Now he works as a sushi chef here in the Bay Area….lol

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