Koguchi in the USA

I put no thought into this yet, but I want to put up photos I have taken of the cars Mr. Koguchi has driven over here in USA.

ok, let’s go.


2003 Drift Showoff. Red 180



2003 D1GP Irwindale. Blue/silver 180



2005 D1GP Irwindale. HPI S15



2006 D1GP Irwindale. JZX100 Falken livery.



2007 D1GP Irwindale. Koguchi 180sx



That’s all I’ve got from my own photos.

The original red car was so cool. Super basic.

I think that car then turned into the blue/silver car and then turned into the Falken livery car (which I didn’t post because I only have it with Robby Nishida driving it.. or Hampton. I don’t remember.

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6 Responses to Koguchi in the USA

  1. dousan says:

    so sad
    i was at all those events

    koguchi is cool

  2. bhworld says:

    I feel like I am missing so many of my pictures that I have taken over the years. dammit.

  3. kuruptR says:

    what about the black 180, or green gt 180

  4. kuruptR says:

    okay maybe i didnt read, that all those pics were by you.

  5. Mickey says:

    A little 411…..The red car from 03 was Koguchi’s chicks car and was sent back to Japan after the event. The Blue/Silver 180 was a different car that was put together at Koguchi Power and sent to the USA and in turn was later painted in Falken Livery. At the end of it’s CARNET it was crushed intact in LA. 😦

    Koguchi’s current car is the same chassis that was painted green w/white stripe then Red Falken and now Red Dunlop. It has been around for a looong time!

  6. bhworld says:

    Oh, good info. I didn’t know that that street red car was sent back. cool.

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