My brother and I went to the Hockey store today to pick up some new stuff. I got a new stick and new skates so far. I haven’t played since 2002. Yikes. This will be interesting.

My new skates here….



and a CLOSE UP


Still need to pick up a few things…


Gloves, which ones to choose?????



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14 Responses to Hockey

  1. techtrix says:

    hit me up! i havent played since about 02′ also, none of my friends play anymore!

  2. bhworld says:

    I’m supposed to play down in Huntington Beach (coast to coast) next season (whenever that starts), with my brother and a couple guys I used to play with way back when.

  3. gabedm says:

    too many slurpees?
    hahhaa gotta exercise now haha

  4. SRS BZNS says:

    If you want some sweet strictly street hockey gloves look at the Mission Boss Black. They let your hands stay cooler, have great flexibility and are wicked light and.

  5. kuruptR says:

    I have a set of bauer vapours lots of finger flex, not to big.. match your skates.

  6. bhworld says:

    I was checking out the Bauers today… they are an option for sure.

  7. Om1kron says:

    Bauer everything back when I was into roller hockey… I think my skates back then were f3’s, my first blades…

    Good times.

    Bladers were the bane for skateboarders.

  8. Joseph C says:

    Woah, Heaps of gloves, In NZ We had nothing like that..

    I had Nike HiHo silver 2’s.. and Nike Vapor XXX gloves.. Need to get back into it!

  9. bhworld says:

    I’m excited about this.

    It seemed like a lot of hockey guys were into skateboarding… and then happen to be into drifting.


  10. deadpirate says:

    tandem rock and roll death match!!

  11. scott t says:

    hockey giant, right?
    the shit for hockey gear. last year’s gear for super cheap? im down.

    not sure where you live, but i still play several ‘rec’ leagues (mens beginner and/or over 30) at west covina…planet hockey.
    coast to coast is hella far.

    or, beginner’s ice at lakewood. cherry and the 91,right off the 710.

  12. bhworld says:

    Yes Scott, Hockey Giant. Such a cool store.

    Is it all “year old” gear?

    Anything since ’02 is new to me. haha.
    I like in Lakewood / Long Beach.

    Never knew there was a place in West Covina. Is that ice or roller?
    Coast to Coast is closer to me though. Only 10 minutes away… maybe 15 more likely.

    I don’t want to play ice (yet?). I did a few times back in the day, but I could never get the hang of it… guess I would need practice though. duh.

    Where in Lakewood? Glacial Gardens?
    That is Cherry and Paramount.

  13. scott t says:

    yea, glacial gardens in lakewood, behind the bowling alley.
    their beginner ice is super beginner…like old guys that have probably never even skated roller. i made the transition from roller to their beginner league, and was probably a better skater than half the league…of course, every team has a few ringers (not talking about myself!)

  14. bhworld says:

    I used to play at Glacial Gardens for a long time… back when it was 2 ice rinks and a roller rink.
    Ice sounds fun, maybe one day I’ll play. For now, I’ll stick with roller (especially since I just bought skates).

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