Early photographs of the first event







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19 Responses to Early photographs of the first event

  1. bejota180sx says:

    nice pictures! by any chance do you have a picture of the engine? to show off you don’t need a damm race engine to drift…

    i want to make a “feature” on my blog, if you wouldn’t mind just send the pictures you want to be featured (link or actual pics whatever is easier for you) and a mod list and specs on wheels all that…

    the car is ending up nice and look like you are liking driving it hahaha… great job… put the lip on!

  2. s0apgun says:

    lookin good koguchi

  3. Rhys Millen says:

    get a real paintjob suckass poser

  4. bhworld says:

    I love these fake Rhys Millen comments.
    have fun at Purdue “Rhys”.

    You stupid idiot, don’t you know that I can see exactly where each comment comes from?

  5. bejota180sx says:

    HAHAHAHA… would be funny for rhys to actually post something himself like really trying to look nice and a good guy so people take his side on the “drift off” btw i checked the prices on the genesis… $22k for the most basic model… not paying that much for a hyundai sorry, i can get a early g35 for close to that, hell i was going to buy a 350z for 16k the other day almost brand spanking new…

  6. bhworld says:

    P.S. I know. It’s pretty ugly with a black hood and mismatched white paint.

  7. Om1kron says:

    haha that rhys millen comment is hilarious.

  8. Rhys_gasm says:

    you’d never be able to keep up in a tandem pussy………………….Put some wings on it

  9. Roy says:

    CHEEEE! car looks great brian! cant wait to see it painted all one color. cant wait to see flicks of this car at ASB!

  10. Jay says:

    looks great man! i know you don’t want the lip to take too much of a beating, but honestly i think at this height the lip would be fine. Just my $.02 that doesn’t matter anyways. Cant wait to see it with paint and the new wheels! May 2001 live forever in the Harte of the Pope.

  11. bhworld says:

    Hey Jay.

    I’m glad I didnt put it on yet, I would have jacked it when I hit the cone. Just look what happened to my fender!

    One day!!!! It will look cool

  12. C's Garage says:

    Can’t wait for, rear 18’s, lip, paint, itai or the like lowness and driving as much as possible.

  13. bhworld says:

    haha, man, I don’t think I’m going to put it any lower.

    I think it will look good with the 18s in rear and the lip in front will make that look lower.

    good good

    I scrub front tire on the fender, so that’s just perfect.

  14. Logan says:

    Currently pending invite to 180sx Photo Shoot LOL

    Haha jp

  15. Jay says:

    just looking at this again…

    our cars would look awesome together in tandem! Like something straight out of 99. I need to stop sucking at life and get back on the track…=(

  16. FefeM says:

    so nice.

    hey it’s your s14 in the ba– never mind that s14 is ugly.

  17. Om1kron says:

    I actually like Serei’s rendition of the 14, not a fan of the display parts they threw on it. Or the fact he got rid of those super awesome ass advans.

  18. bhworld says:

    Okikron, sometimes I just don’t know what you are talking about. Where did that come from?

  19. swayray says:

    dam BH… you have almost fulfilled my boy hood water dreams in those pics…

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