a little tiny video

looks slow from outside, but it was just enough room to hit it into 3rd.

and in-car

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10 Responses to a little tiny video

  1. SoSideways says:

    Good ish man.

    Looking forward to seeing more from you and this new car.

  2. bejota180sx says:

    ok if i post in my 787 blog?

    btw, would you care to send a few HQ pics of the car soon so i can make feature on the car?

  3. bhworld says:

    Yeah, no problem. post away.

    I’m going to put up a few more tonight.

    I only have a camera phone, so I don’t have any good photos.
    I’m waiting for some to surface from the event yesterday. 🙂

  4. Rhys Millen says:

    Is that all you got???

  5. codysarem says:

    OMG LOL!!!

    drift off!!

    hi brian!

  6. Waider says:

    Funny how “Rice” Millen care about a little amateur/grassroot drifter.

  7. Logan says:

    That’s an interesting way to setup Balcony

    I never seen that layout befo

  8. Paul Lopez says:

    brain wish you would have told me you were going to be out here. I would have gone up there and took photos for you…..

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