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19 Responses to Photos

  1. kuruptR says:

    oooh me me me me..

  2. bhworld says:


    TELL Me!!!!

  3. techtrix says:

    helmet. is. RAD.

  4. s0apgun says:

    probably wasn’t brake fluid

    i have the same problem its the valve cover gasket when i beat on the car oil drips onto the exhaust from the valve cover

    i bought one just haven’t put it in yet

    idle problem can be so many things…. i’ve had to deal with the same thing on my s13

    it comes and goes

    first thing to check is your timing with a timing gun

    check if any spark plugs are fouled or and oil in the holes

    check the boots are in good shape and coils are fine (my car came with a deteriorated boot inside my spark plug hole and caused the coil to arc early and misfire)

    check injectors for leaks

    try taking the maf off…

    cars are serious business man i’m sure someone on zilvia will come over and walk you through it

  5. om1kronvrt says:

    pretty much everything that soap said… if it wasn’t the vacuum hoses then it was the valve cover gaskets, and if it wasn’t the valve cover gaskets it was the IACV, and then when I drained the coolant, jello pudding fluid. blown headgasket!


  6. bhworld says:

    dang… those don’t sound TOO hard to do.

    Maybe I’ll take it to DriftSpeed.

  7. ctothej says:

    u should get FC BH

  8. bruce says:

    what cj said
    and yo.

    cool pix, helmet is giving me seizures. great!

  9. FefeM says:

    have you tried hitting it

  10. Porterhausen says:

    Welcome to shitty S13 fenders.

    Bummer about the motor. I dunno. My car used to do that. I just let it keep doing it. hahahahahaha.

  11. had to be said says:

    that wouldnt have happened to millen….

  12. bhworld says:

    Fuzzy_mc from Amsterdam…. I know that. He is not me and I am not him.

  13. Tony.A says:

    BH “Anybody know how to fix cars?”
    CJ “u should get FC BH”

    Sound like a plan!

    That would be one cool FC though.

  14. had to be said says:

    glad to see you can take a joke. power on BH

  15. swayray says:

    If the problem still persists after using 91 octane and if your compression is still good, perhaps you may have fouled your spark plugs…

  16. bhworld says:

    Well, I think I’m gonna do 2 things to begin with.

    1. change it out to the stock timing.
    2. check the compression.

    I realized today that the whole car smells really weird. I cannot put my finger on it though. It just smells really bad. Maybe something burnt… Like, pistons or something.

  17. Ninjabread says:

    Throw the KA out and get ichi-go sr20!!!

  18. bhworld says:

    No can do.

    I’d love to, but it aint gonna happen.

  19. castro says:

    drifting sucks anyways.

    And balcony sucks when its cold.

    wanna start doing that Parkour thing ? Heard its big in Europe!
    If we got on now, our join date will be old enough they can’t call us Fanboyz!

    wish I had the funds to go. Looked fun.

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