I want to throw down this idea right now.

Some of you have seen the whole Speedhunters thing with Me vs. RMR Hyundai. On one hand you have that car, which is a full blown racecar to every degree. On my hand, I live by the basic drift car. Traditional style. The way it SHOULD be. I bet I could build a cooler Genesis than RMR could.

I’m willing to do it too.

RMR Hyundai vs. BH World Hyundai.

Race-Drift car vs. Street drift car.

Let’s go.

Let me know.

We’ll have a drift off of some sort.

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24 Responses to OFFICIAL DRIFT OFF !

  1. Alexi says:

    BH invented drifting.

  2. Om1kron says:

    well, you’re going to buy a genesis then and mod it, or would you participate if you got a million dollar backing by a few sponsors to build your car. I think if I was a “professional drifter” and I had a budget to build a sick ass racecar that I get to keep. I’d probably build something ridiculous like that genesis too.

    then part it out to taiwan LOL

  3. bhworld says:

    No, I think Hyundai should offer me a car and I’ll make it super basic, street car style.

    Real simple.

    Let me people judge it in some type of competition.

    The entire drifting community is split on their opinion of the RMR Genesis.

  4. bhworld says:

    writing anonymous posts “hating” on me is stupid.
    If you’re going to talk shit, do it as yourself.


  5. Waider says:

    Then now this blog will get the guenuine haters with retarded nicknames comments, sad to know that they’re not on the cool side.

  6. Holla! says:

    I don’t think it’s just the Genesis that started this sh1t.. this argument was bound to happen, it’s been a long time comin.. cars like the Solstice, Charger, Monaro, 350 vert all added to the universal hate of “Drift Race Cars”… US needs an MSC type series.. BAD.

  7. Paul Lopez says:

    Im with ya Brian you would make a bad ass car.

  8. bhworld says:

    holla – I know. Trust me.

  9. driftking says:

    i’d make a poster and cheer for you

  10. bejota180sx says:

    DO IT!

    a huge kick to the balls to people who think you actually need POWER or a RACE CAR to just DRIFTTTT!!

    i get this all the time in PR would be awesome for my 787drift blog so people stop telling me you need at least 300hp to drift… and i try to tell them the basic… rwd, suspension and diff (welded or something nice… hell even open) you see guys with ebay 400hp ka-t and then you go look close and they have stop suspention AHAHAHAHAHA… i hate drifting events at PR just a bunch of STUPID but i mean STUPIDDDDD people… so in other words DO IT BH! kick them in the ballz!

    [/end rant]

  11. om1kronvrt says:

    oh well in that case! yeah I think that would be pretty interesting, as far as commercial drifting goes… like you my fascination exists from old option video’s i could get my hands on from my friend’s family members who visited from the Philippines back in 01…

    When I heard D1 was coming to America, I was like RAD!!! but then I never went to any of the events… And so I don’t have a distaste for it like you guys because I have no idea how it’s evolved and how it got commercialized.

    I just remember Nick Hogan getting a dodge viper to drift in and all of the poor grassroots dudes were just hating.

    “must be nice, when we break something it comes out of our pockets, well his dad’s a millionare. On top of that he is only sponsored because of that.”

    and that’s the last I paid attention to drifting in America!

  12. SRS BZNS says:

    They only problem i see here is where are you even going to get parts from?

    If they give you the car do you think they will give you any kind of budget to build the thing. I have seen that a few companies are getting behind the genesis parts wise but I think half those parts are still not availible..

    In a challenge like this the enemy has the advantage of being a douchebag with a lot fo money so he can just make any part he needs or have it made. BH may be the pope of drifting as much as I’d love to see Rhys millen (god I hate him) eat crow I think he has too much money to just openly challenge him.

    If this happens, good luck BH

    I leave you with a cool genesis

  13. bhworld says:


    That is exactly what I would do.

    Cool wheels.
    Cool paint.
    Cool stickers.
    If I could figure out how, I’d lower it.

    That’s all.

    Oh, probably put a Nardi classic in there and a seat if possible.

    the END.

    BH World street car.

  14. kOOpA says:

    i’m buyin a genesis with my obama check, millen’s goin’ down!

  15. bejota180sx says:

    maybe a nice lip kit would be good.

    and about rhys millen has way to much money to challenge him, it’s not a show car challenge or a drag challenge it’s like a “Drift” challenge… if power or money mattered, then those guys in hachis with what? 200something hp would never be able to keep up with those 400hp chasers and zilvias… but guess what? they win and keep up with them… drifting is not POWER, it mostly HANDLING and DRIVER… like i said if you NEED to mod your car for drift

    a simple suspention upgrades and differential will do more than adding power to the engine… power is just for fun, but people like formula D and reports online and in magazines always start talking about how much POWER and how much it made and what it has in the engine… like that’s what matters, look at “jdm” mags and d1gp articles online and stuff when they speak about the car you see more enfasis(sorry if i wrote this wrong) on the handling of the car and pictures of that… the setup of that car and then a bit of the engine and’s its always something kinda like “the owner of the car told us it had close to 300hp, it had a turbo upgrade and ecu tuning…” some shit like that… now us magazine “it has a SR20DET with a gt666RS turbo and 1000cc injectors, intake and exhaust manifold by crappants and engine internals by gos himself… oh yeah it has some stance coilovers and a few other suspention components by tein…”

    oh btw, i had to add this to my mega post, im not hating on rhys cause he drives a pontiac/american car! one of the drivers i love watching is gittin and he drives a what? A MUSTANG! it’s been N/A and now charged right? but you look at that car and its well its just a simple car a few engine mods and just a plain mustang on the exterior… see? it’s possible, but all of rhys cars and other drivers are making this a fashion show… like watching a vogue run way show… you see models go down the aile every few minutes, you see the cars go down the path every few minutes; each showing off and wanting to make they’re LOOKS show off not they’re “performance”…

  16. Roy says:

    I will admit that i was really excited about the genesis after seeing the picture posted above on zilvia. DO IT BH! maybe this car would probably be a great candidate for SEMA.

  17. Dom says:

    hmm.. well buddy, i’m a BH fan. you already know this. we have our jungle cruise bond. but i honestly don’t think you need to waste your time with rhys. i mean, it’s sad enough that rhys was THAT UPSET over Speed Cunters comments from you. that’s pretty embarrassing on his part i’d say.

    and sides.. i don’t doubt that you’d build a pretty gnarly hyundai (ew, hyundai..).. but it’d be impossible to judge your take against rhys’. because, let’s face it, his kinda crowd would pass judgement based on different criteria than your crowd would to judge yours. it’s like comparing a vegan restaurant to a steak house.

    in any case, i say continue voicing your opinions. if they bother rhys or the ulterior-motive-driven-powers-that-be-on-speed-cunters, then that’s their problem.

  18. The Pope of Drifting says:

    “BH may be the pope of drifting……” — SRS BZNS

    Bitch what you say?

  19. SRS BZNS says:

    Someone called BH the drift pope in the speedhunters debackle

  20. FefeM says:

    BH, i want to shake your hand.

  21. Edgar says:

    I hope they do it! Ill contact Hyundai in the morning.

  22. castro says:

    So have they contacted you and asked you to make all the top paid people they have look silly in the eyes of the youth market??

  23. bhworld says:

    haha, no not yet.

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