Weird Phone call

Why did Rhys Millen call me when I was driving home?


Who gave him my phone number?

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32 Responses to Weird Phone call

  1. dukeofny says:


  2. deftstyle says:

    He wants you to drive a GTO?

  3. Teddy says:

    Sorry, offered me $100 for it.

  4. Section09 says:

    He said man why you dont like my new car? Dont you think its cool? lol

  5. s0apgun says:

    he wants you to know how cool vmounts are on pontiacs

    how could that not be cooool?

  6. Jared says:

    Wow, I can’t believe he called you because of the Speedhunter drama. Haha, I guess some people can be a little insecure…. Maybe next time he’ll think twice about making a better looking car 🙂

  7. swayray says:

    he saw you driving your new car in this video:

  8. Sneaky says:

    …..he got you confused with Brett ‘the hitman’ Hart…..

  9. bhworld says:

    Jared is pretty much right.

    I had a 10 minute phone call with the fella.

    Seems that he knows ALL about me, according to him.

    Basically, he is bummed that I always bad mouth the RMR drift stuff… as well as Tanner, Sam, etc.

  10. s0apgun says:

    hahaha man that is goofy

    apparently you’re not entitled to your own opinion

  11. FefeM says:

    that’s amazing. i’m surprised he doesn’t have better things to do instead of defending another one of his hideous cars. i want to hear this.

  12. The Internet says:

    Awesome, I never post here but I just had to say that is hilarious.

    Seems to be a war brewing with legit drifters and those other guys.

  13. Ruiz XIII says:

    so in the end did you break his heart and RECONFIRM your dislike of his cars?
    Also how lame Tanner, etc etc are

  14. Revgasm_Josh says:


    BH = No Mercy, sweep the leg.

  15. Muzaffar says:

    ROFLMAO. How the hell did he get your phone number anyhow? Must be one heck of a surprise you got a call from him for that comment on Speedhunters…..

  16. ilia says:

    Hahaha “Why don’t you like my car, Brian?!”

  17. Om1kron says:

    lol dude you better not get him a spot at all star bash, he’s going to jackknife your new 240 in a tandem with their retired drift car and put bash support spikes on it LOL!

  18. kuruptR says:

    “boohoo, why wont the kids look up to me,” what a bitch.

  19. bhworld says:

    You guys are WILD!

  20. bejota180sx says:

    that would be a awesome spanish drama “porque no me quieres?! que tengo que hacer para tener tu aceptacion!?!?!” AHHH JAJAJA hearing rhys say that in his accent HAHA!!! you should have recorded that! next time he calls record that stuff…

  21. bhworld says:


    Why don’t you want me?
    because you don’t want something?
    Why do you have something your acceptance?


    trying to translate.

  22. SoSideways says:

    Just read the blog over on Speedhunters.


    WTF do all the “drift racing fans” get all butt hurt?

    If drifting was all about speed then what’s with the left and right handers? Why not just go really fast in a straight line?

    Oh that’s right, that’s called DRAG RACING.

  23. SRS BZNS says:

    I just worte a book over there cause I got annoyed.

    God I hate Rhys.

    Ever since the first FD where he lost over some technicality and through an actual temper tantrum and didnt talk to anyone or congratulate his competitor. What a damn douchebag

  24. bejota180sx says:

    “porque no me quieres?! que tengo que hacer para tener tu aceptacion!?!?!”

    Why don’t you want me?
    because you don’t want something?
    Why do you have something your acceptance?

    close haha here’s a translation…
    “why don’t yo love me?! what do i have to do to get your aproval/aceptance!?!?!”

    now imagine it in a really whinning voice and in rhys’s voice HAHAHA i think it’s funny as hell, sorry if it isn’t…

  25. bhworld says:

    haha, very nice.

    bring the love.

  26. leetheslacker says:

    this is the coolest thing thats happened in formula d ever.

  27. D*star says:

    Way to get to the ROOT of the problem Brian!

  28. kyle hicks says:

    I can’t believe he actually called your ass. What a fucking trip.

    I hope you at least teased him on the phone a bit. hahahaha

  29. Joseph says:

    BH for fucking president.

    Fuck Rhys.

    And i am from Nz.

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