For Phil










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8 Responses to For Phil

  1. deftstyle says:

    This the same car that he brought over from the east coast?

    sweet looking car for sure!

  2. bhworld says:

    I think so yeah.

    Orange car turned into this car.

  3. dousan says:

    car was sweeet
    i still prefereed it as orange
    orange w/ the wheels and everything was PERFECT

  4. bhworld says:

    Yeah the orange was pretty cool.

    The black one was cool too. Totally different style even.

  5. Roy says:

    loved this car in the profile pic for the PG myspace with aarons s14. I swear i cried when i watched the option video with this car.

    PG stickers are always the HOTTEST!

  6. SoSideways says:

    Yeah I remember when it was orange, and then he did the Works9 copy aero and painted it blue for this event…

    What’s up w/ him these days? Haven’t heard much of him after that accident…

  7. bhworld says:

    Don’t know…

    After the blue car he built up a nice black one with gold flakes in it, but that never really got much coverage.

    He drove it at Dunlop demos.

  8. Jack says:

    The times that I do talk to him I send him pics of his cars in hopes that he brings out another one or the same one.

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