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6 Responses to Wednesday

  1. s0apgun says:

    that doesnt make sense

    but yeah cool pic

  2. Tony.A says:

    good that it’s finally working.

    I like the motion in this pic

    like i said earlier you shoot some coooool pics!

  3. bhworld says:

    thanks man. All I did was spin the front wheel and take a photo.

    Soap – basically there is this little rectangle brascket than goes between the 2 shoes that allows both sides to expand when the handle is pulled. That part came undone, so when I pulled the handle, the drum shoes wouldn’t expand like they should have.

  4. Benson says:

    awesoem! now you can come help me with mine!

  5. Roy says:

    SWEET! now bring on the action shots!

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