The red car.


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4 Responses to The red car.

  1. bejota180sx says:

    who knew somebody could make the stock spoiler (thats what i am seeing… don’t know if im mistaken) look so nice…

    ps.. brian these pictures are awesome… keep them coming each time you get a chance hahaha

  2. bhworld says:

    Same car he brought out here to USA and put a goof ball Falken gray stripe around the car.

    Super basic, but so bad ass.

  3. Revgasm_Josh says:

    that front bumper is Mad Ghey Sauce

  4. Om1kron says:

    he must have done something rad with that rear spoiler like put an iron to it so it wasn’t wavy like a Hawaiian swell. To make it look “cool” imo.

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