Parts that every 180 should have.





Safety21 cage.

Cusco tower bar.

Do Luck ladder bars.

Rash Facture C Pillar bar.

Do Luck rear cross bar.

Safety21 adjustable door bars.


Wakamatsu loves them!





Seriously get on it.

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13 Responses to Parts that every 180 should have.

  1. dousan says:

    bullshit monkey bars for jdm people

    we should also all pay shops to do our parts adn labor installs like japanese do too.

    f that
    spot weld the car
    and bolt ina cage. thats all you need.

  2. dousan says:

    im pissed. glengarry glen ross, rented it tonight. fucking dvd was scratched and i got got 1/4 into it. fucking rentals!!!

  3. Waider says:

    According to whats write on the mag, the rollcage is a CUSCO.

  4. s0apgun says:

    looks like hot road lip?

  5. bhworld says:

    lol Dousan.

    I’m looking for a shop to do my E brake.
    I can’t figure out the problem and would rather have somebody else do it.

  6. bejota180sx says:

    anybody know someone that is selling a safety21 cage for fastback?

    and does that cross bar, the one that goes behind the front seats… does that do anything? is that part really that flexible/weak?

  7. bhworld says:

    You will probably have to order it brand new.

    That horizontal bar probably does something.
    I am thinking of doing one like that someday.

  8. ctothej says:



    Go BH!

  9. dousan says:

    i had one of the bars
    shit i wont lie
    i used to own ALL those bars
    fstb, rstb, flb, rlb, rxb

    so sad
    but it worked for a great KA
    did 3 wheel motion on TEIN HE on FLAT SURFACES drifting
    they do work
    but spotwelding is cheaper and better.

  10. Om1kron says:

    Also a lot more time consuming dousan! people just want to drop in performance and go!

    Who wants to strip interior, prep, drill a shitload of holes, break drill bits, drill some more, then fill with weld.

    180 bucks for a strut bar, done, 220 for a stiff rear sway, done, bolt in cage = 3 wheel motion, all the kids know i’m fly… done!

    cool stuff bh.

    That’s almost like 1400-1600 in bars.

  11. dousan says:

    i do
    because im not japanese and dont pay shops to do shit for me anyone can do. i spot welded my car in 2 weekends of solid work. about 10 to 12 hours each day over 4 days. its not hard.

    1600 bucks in bars
    or spend
    400 bucks in materials and paint IF that much. maybe less.

  12. Om1kron says:

    I cant call it. I don’t think i’ll bother spot welding either of my cars, but I doubt I’ll put any bolt in or weld in cages either. Time will tell, it will be just like you “modding it just cause”.

  13. Roy says:

    haha yes! i have that cpillar bar sitting on the side of my friends garage. it wont work with the miracle bar.

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